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volunteering Activities on Lei Feng Day ( March 5)
Release date: 2020/3/6 15:36:29

On the occasion of learning Lei Feng Day on March 5, the party committee of Lianchuang Science and Technology Park mobilized nearly 300 comrades of all party members, activists and workers to take part in the noon break to rectify and clean up debris, garbage bottles, leves, cigarettes cases of the park and eliminate hidden dangers for epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, it advocates park employees, public residents, care for public health, no littering, no spitting, and being a good corporate employee. Care for public environmental health depends on the maintenance of all of us, leading everyone to understand and remind each other to build a safe and clean business environment.

Volunteers of this activity are divided into four groups to carry out simultaneously:

The first group was led by Party Secretary Wang Hai to clean up the environmental sanitation around Lianchuang Road.

In the second group, Yang Xiusheng, a member of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and secretary of the party branch of Lianshun Property, was in charge of the environment around No. 2 Road.

The third group was led by Lai Yousen, a member of the party committee and secretary of the foreign branch, to clean up the surrounding environment of the factory.

The fourth group was led by Zhou Naiqing, the party secretary of Lianchuang Sanjin Party Branch, to clean up the environment outside the factory area of Lianchuang Sanjin.

Through the joint efforts and hard work of all party members, activists, and the masses, the results were obviously cleared and parked and shared bicycles, discarded garbage peels, beverage bottles and other garbage items were cleaned up, so that the roads around the park were refreshed and won the praise of the past people.

At the same time as everyone's hard work at noon, it also affected many people who passed by. They all expressed that they would jointly monitor public health in their future work and life, and remind friends to stop bad habits such as discarding garbage at random.



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