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★Lianchuang Mission

Make your favorite products and make life happier


★Lianchuang Vision

Create opportunities for employees, create value for customers, create profits for shareholders, and create benefits for society


★Lianchuang Values

Responsible; hard work, sincere solidarity; loyal to Lianchuang, self-realization


★Lianchuang Enterprise Spirit

Integrity and pragmatism, the pursuit of excellence


★Lianchuang behavior program

Cherish, plan, and persist


★Lianchuang Management Concept

Leadership is service, and management is responsibility


★Lianchuang Quality Concept

Rely on quality to win trust


★Lianchuang Talent View

People-oriented, both moral and talent


★Lianchuang Development Concept

Healthy development and collaborative sharing


★Lianchuang Sunshine Procurement Culture

Integrity and self-discipline, strict contract observance, and automatic payment upon expiration


13th Five-Year Plan (Strategy Outline 2016-2020)

1. Adhere to the diversified development strategy of enterprises with the small home appliance industry as the core

2. Management policy: professionalism, innovation and good quality

3. In-depth "production, education and research" cooperation to build a "national enterprise public service platform"

4. Comprehensively promote the transformation of smart home appliances

5. Strengthen human resource management and insist on implementing outstanding performance management mode

6. Adhere to the "culture to revitalize the enterprise" and maintain the benchmark of corporate party and union

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