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Buckyballs are the world's best selling desktoy and a top seller in thousands of the best gift, design, museum and specialty stores around the world.

Things to know

*We accept OEM orders

*Quantity of Customized MOQ : 100 sets.

*All of our stock products come in 216ballsyou can ask more group up like 125balls

*Quantity of Customized MOQ : 100 sets.

*Color : Nikel(sliver), Sliver(white), DarkBlue, Violet, DarkGreen,

             Red, Purple-Red, Light-Green, White , Pink, Light-Blue, Dark-Blue,Black,

             Gold, Purple, Diamond Black,Orange , Brass, Blue-Green, Snow-White

*Size: 3mm Diameter ; 5mm Diameter ; And other size.

*More detail please contact online support

 < newbuckyballs@gmail.com 

<Call Us: +13233005660>