216x5mm Violet Buckyballs Neocube Magnetic Balls Toys

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Pleased violet Buckyballs neo cube within your hands! You enquired for it—you obtained it. Bucky balls is now busting out in violet coloring with Bucky balls Chromatics. Twist them, turn them, combine them in new methods for really imaginative desktop creations. situation and mold them any way you like in an unbelievably solo color—or mixed and matched. allow your imagination work wild! Relieve stress and explore your artistic part in residing coloring with Bucky balls Chromatics.We will not brand names, but remember all those more mature puzzle fixture titles you grew up with? Now envision them with every one of the enjoyment and stimulation and none inside the aggravation or tedious knowing curves. that is Bucky balls Chromatics, the multi-colored magnetic cubical fixture that is usually changing, usually amusing, usually making on itself—and there are no incorrect answers, ever.


1.Size of This ball is enough 5mm,Magnet Grade: N35
2.This product is ball is excellent technology, it is  not easy to fade afer using. Can stand Long-lasting friction andstrong Antioxidant ability.
3.This ball passed SGS safety test.

Package contents:
•1x 5mm magnetic balls (216pcs as a set)
•1x metal box



 1. All magent balls sold on our site  without any brand. The products described are consistent with the picture. We didn't sell any brand products and products with no any brand relationship. Please don't bid if you mind brand.

2. Our magnetic balls were made of N35 material. The tolerance is controlled within +/- 0.3 and 20microns of coating thickness.Quality is better than most magnetic balls in the market.

3. Please contact us if you are not satisfied with the product. We'll unconditional refund.


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Build anything you want by rearranging the 216 Buckyballs(neo cube) spheres. The possibilities for creating new patterns and shapes are endless. The easiest way to get started is to learn how make a triangle (using 9 pieces) and a hexagon (using 18 pieces) and then create something using those shapes. Some of our favorite fascinating structures to build and modify are pyramids, spheroids, and cubes.more tricks